Handmade Genuine Leather Backpack Bag

  • Vintage Leather Backpack School College Book Bag Laptop Computer Travel Backpack for Men Women

    Genuine Leather Retro Rucksack Backpack College Bag School Picnic Bag Travel Large Vintage handmade

    From San Francisco to Tokyo, Melbourne to London, our products are as global as you are.

    For years, we have supported traditional artisans and fostered a relentless discipline to create the best products on the market. We only use the best materials. We say no to “Pleather” and only use the highest quality buffalo and goat leather. We master the smallest details and test every rivet, fastening, and material before we ship. Our in-house production leads to the best quality control and our customer obsession is unmatched.

    ​Your Amazon reviews are printed and framed on the walls so that we are reminded of you, the customer, every day.

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    Handmade Leather Backpack School College Laptop Travel Bag

    men women shoulder backpack travel

    • Pure leather, by nature, has some scars (due to markings/cuts on goat skin) which reconfirms that the leather is 100% genuine made from goat skin hide.
    • Each leather product has a distinctive color tone, which may be different from shown images.
    • The new leather product may have a distinctive leather smell. It will fade away within 3-4 weeks of regular use.

    PNR Crafts is connected with a number of Organizations within India which work to bring employment to artisans and keep alive traditional skills.



    Brown Vintage Leather Backpack Laptop Messenger Bag Rucksack Men Women shoulder bag briefcase
    Handmade Pure Leather Backpack

    • Brown Leather Unisex Laptop Backpack 16"
    • Weight: 1.3 kg
    • Product Dimensions: 16(H) * 12(W) * 5(D)
    • Briefcase Handle on Top.
    • Handcrafted by Indian artisans using Environment-friendly Goat Leather




    Adjustable Strong & Durable Shoulder Strap
    Brown Leather Handbag Key Features

    • Two Pockets on each side
    • One Zippered pocket on top flap
    • Three large compartments
    • One Zippered pocket on the back of the bag
    • Full Specious Backpack for Laptop, Mac book, Books, A pair of Clothes, Lunchbox, Gadgets Electronics Accessories etc




    Mens Handcrafted Real Leather Vintage Laptop Backpack Shoulder Bag Travel Bag Large
    Men Women Travel Bag

    • Adjustable Strong & Durable Shoulder Strap


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